Trucking Accidents

When semi-trucks and cars collide, the crashes are usually violent and cause severe injuries or death. Did you know that truck drivers are only supposed to drive 11 hour in a 14-hour time period? Many accidents are caused by over-tired drivers. Other truck driver errors, like following too close, turning too wide, speeding, improper lane changes, and driving while impaired. In other crashes, the truck is overloaded or has equipment failure such as a tire tread blowout because the truck was negligently maintained or inspected. The injuries from trucking crashes are frequently very severe and life-altering.

Trucking companies will hire the best lawyers to defend the company and the driver to minimize how much money they have to pay to settle your claim. Attorney Alyson George has both litigation and trial experience, and is not afraid to go the distance for you. If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, call us for a free consultation.