Pool Accidents

The beautiful, warm weather in Florida makes our state a perfect place to spend as much quality time with our friends and family in and around pools as possible. Unfortunately, every year thousands of men, women, and children suffer devastating injuries in pools while visiting friends’ homes, apartment complexes, public pools, gyms, hotels, or resorts. Pool accidents are frequently caused by lack of depth markers, improperly trained life guards, failure to have a life guard on staff, faulty equipment such as ladders or diving boards, poor lighting conditions, or slippery surfaces, just to name a few.

All too often we turn on the evening news to see that a child slipped away from a caregiver for only a few moments and fell into a pool. Unless the child is found quickly, he or she may drown or suffer serious brain injuries due to lack of oxygen. These tragedies happen too often in Florida. Adults often suffer serious spinal cord and brain injuries when diving into pools that lack appropriate depth markers. In pool accident cases, action must be taken immediately to investigate and preserve evidence. No two pool accidents are the same, so it is critical that investigation and legal action occur right away. The sooner you hire attorney Alyson George, the sooner she and her staff can begin investigating your claim and working to get you the compensation you deserve.