Pedestrian Accidents

If you or someone you love is the victim of a pedestrian accident, contact us immediately. It is all too common in Florida that a pedestrian, walking along the sidewalk or side of the roadway, is struck and injured by a driver. Another typical situation is when a pedestrian is crossing the street and a driver strikes the pedestrian. These pedestrian accidents are more common than you’d think and the injuries to the pedestrian are almost always very severe. Injuries can range from soft tissue sprains and bruising to broken bones, brain injuries, quadriplegia, and death.

Alyson M. George, PLLC

The insurance companies are notorious for attempting to place blame on the pedestrian when he or she has done nothing wrong. This becomes especially complicated when the pedestrian is in a comatose state or otherwise unable to give their version of the story. In this situation, hiring a lawyer to quickly gather witness statements and fight for the victim is of the utmost importance. If the at fault party or their insurance company does not take responsibility, we prefer to file a lawsuit quickly. This is perhaps the quickest way to obtain justice for the victim and it sends the message to the insurance company that we will not back down from a fight. Further, as time passes, memories fade. We generally want to get the sworn depositions of the witnesses to the collision as quickly as possible. If you or your loved one was struck as a pedestrian, call attorney Alyson George immediately so we can begin working on your case and help you get your life back on track.