Negligent Security Cases

Alyson M. George, PLLC

As a customer, when you go to a restaurant, bar, hotel, or other business, you expect safety. Business owners should protect their patrons. It is not unreasonable to expect a bar, restaurant, hotel, mall, or other business to prevent physical attacks on their customers. Shootings, batteries, rapes, attacks, fights, and the injuries that are caused by those encounters, are more frequent than most customers realize. We don’t really have any way to know an establishment’s safety track record before we go there. Because they are in a better position to know of any potential danger, businesses should look out for the safety of their customers. Based on their knowledge of the crime in the area, history of violence on the premises, alcohol served on the premises, special events on the premises, and other security risk factors, businesses can gauge which security measures are necessary to keep customers safe. In many circumstances, where the business owner knew or should know of a security threat, the business owner may have a duty to provide security measures including additional lighting, appropriately trained security personnel, video cameras, fences/gates, or other security measures.

Attorney Alyson George has handled cases against bars, restaurants, hotels, and apartment complexes. Victims often suffer severe traumatic brain injuries or serious orthopedic injuries requiring surgeries to repair the damage. You may be surprised to hear how many establishments simply have no policies or very little protocol on how to protect their customers. This complete failure to provide protection often leads to devastating physical and emotional injuries. If you’ve been the victim of an attack because of negligent security and suffered injuries, please call us right away. The sooner you call, the better chance our investigators will be able to get important evidence to prove your case.