Over the years, we established relationships with many attorneys who co-counsel with us on personal injury cases, either from the outset of the case or for litigation purposes. We are open to a variety of co-counsel arrangements. If you do not wish to litigate at all and prefer to have very little participation in the process, we are happy to take over the case when you impasse in the pre-suit stage. If you prefer a more active role and wish to be included in the certificate of service and attend depositions, mediation, and trial, we are happy to accommodate that arrangement as well. For lawyers who do not practice personal injury at all, we are happy to take the case from inception. We are very flexible and can work out just about any co-counsel configuration that works for you. Either way, we want the process to be as seamless as possible for you and to add as much value to the case for the client as possible. Ms. George’s clients receive only the best legal representation and litigation is our passion. The firm employs a full-time certified paralegal to assist Ms. George with both pre-suit and litigation matters. Holding the insurance carriers’ feet to the fire shows them we all mean business and will not accept less than the fair value of our clients’ claims. We welcome you to contact us so we can discuss our track record in co-counsel arrangements and what has worked best in the past.