Bicycle Accidents

Alyson M. George, PLLC

Bicycling is a great way to get exercise and save money on transportation costs. Many bicyclists are avid and participate in club cycling or competitive cycling. Dangers on the roadway are everywhere. Florida drivers are often guilty of texting, reading emails, talking on the phone, or simply being tired or distracted. Once you add in the fact that a bicyclist can be difficult for a driver to see, the result can be tragic for the cyclist. In addition to losing the ability to enjoy a beloved hobby, injuries from a bicycle crash can also cause the cyclist to incur medical bills, loss wages, and serious injuries that last a lifetime and affect other activities they used to enjoy with their loved ones. Don’t let someone else’s negligence rob you of the life you loved before you were hit.

If you are a cyclist and were struck by a driver while riding your bicycle, please contact us as soon as possible. There are time sensitive legal issues and evidence we want to preserve in bicycle cases.  When we are retained early in a case, we are often able to obtain photographs of the damage to the car that struck you before it is repaired. We need as many photographs of your injuries as possible and as those injuries heal, photographs of the scarring, if any, are also necessary. We also want to store the bicycle you were riding until an expert can examine it.  At your initial consultation, we will discuss with you how a bicycle crash case is different than a standard automobile crash case. We’ve successfully handled bicycle crash cases in the past and we look forward to helping you resolve your bicycle crash case. The sooner you hire attorney Alyson George, the sooner we can get to work investigating the claim and building your case.