Automobile Accidents

Alyson M. George, PLLC

It only takes an instant for someone else’s negligence to change your life. Who you choose as an attorney can change the ultimate outcome of your automobile accident claim. Having been involved in accidents ourselves, we understand the pain, suffering, and inconvenience these crashes cause. Injuries vary from a minor stiff neck or back to serious brain injuries, broken bones, quadriplegia, and death. If you’ve been involved in a crash, you may start getting calls from insurance adjusters the same day. All of a sudden you are dealing with adjusters, medical providers, medical bills, and lost wages. Hiring a lawyer immediately is the best thing you can do for yourself. You can focus on getting better while we work to gather important information, hire any necessary experts, and deal with the insurance companies. In Florida automobile accident cases, the injured party may be able to recover money damages such as medical bills in the past and future, lost wages in the past and future, and pain and suffering in the past and future. While you heal, Ms. George and her staff prepare your case to get you the best recovery possible.

We strive to get your case settled quickly, but we do not shy away from a fight. When an insurance company makes a low-ball final offer, with your permission, we will file a lawsuit quickly to make sure your claim keeps moving toward a resolution. From the beginning of every case, we prepare as if a lawsuit will have to be filed and the case will have to be tried in front of a jury.

For more information about filing a lawsuit, please see litigation section or call our office to discuss the process.

Why Us?

Whether your case is in the pre-suit handling stage or in litigation, we will communicate with you about every critical event that is happening on your case. If you ever have any questions about the status of your case, your attorney is always accessible to speak with you. Over the years, we’ve represented many accident victims who’ve had the misfortune of having more than one accident. When we ask why they hired us instead of returning to their first lawyer, we often hear that they never met their first attorney or could never speak with their attorney. Alyson M. George, PLLC is a different kind of law firm, where your case will be handled directly by Ms. George and her staff, with whom you can speak with any time you’d like. There is no case too big or too small, and every case gets the same attention.

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